Summer/winter school

for Foreign Students

Period of study: from 2 months
Venue: BTEU (Gomel)
Tuition fee: 240 $ (including study and learning materials).
Extra expenses:
– Dormitory fee (from 75 $/per month)
– Obligatory medical insurance ( app. 50 $/per month)
– Registration on the territory of the Republic of Belarus (50 $)
– Entrance tickets to the museums, theatres

Contest: Summer school programme is for those who begins to study the Russian language or for those who wants to improve his linguistic knowledge and skills. Intensive lessons are held by using both traditional methods of teaching and new educational technology. Such lessons prepare the students for everyday communication in Russian speaking environment and also for business management in Russian including the sphere of tourism. The students are involved in different activities allowing to reach their real and informal communication. Full-time course is planned for 4 weeks and 150  academic hours.

  • The unique combination of getting professional knowledge and immersion into Russian speaking environment, culture and history via sightseeing tours etc.
  • The lessons are held in groups of 5 people in BTEU classrooms. Extra-curricular activities also take place: Gomel sightseeing tours, visiting museums and cultural objects;
  • According to the results of completion of Summer school the Document of a standard form is issued.

Summer school of the Russian language and culture programme includes:

  1. Theoretical knowledge;
  2. Professional trainings and practice;
  3. Gomel sightseeing tour programme.

Contacts: tel.: +375 232 500 396, +375 232 500 378